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Little Guy’s Puppy Mill Rescue and Rehabilitation works with law enforcement and other agencies when they rescue animals from puppy mills, backyard breeders, hoarders, and other cases of abuse and neglect. Conditions have to be BAD in order for law enforcement to step in and conduct a raid. They have to have gathered enough evidence to ensure a conviction for abuse and neglect. Consequently, the animals who are saved are in compromised physical and emotional health. The costs of the actual rescue runs are a fraction of the costs of veterinary services and rehabilitation to bring health and well-being to the dogs we serve. It’s money well spent because we get to give these dogs a do-over in life. And that’s pretty rare and it’s pretty exciting.

And it’s expensive. You already know that. We have a fantastic facility that meets all of our needs, and it’s a good deal for us, very cost efficient, but it’s a chunk every month. Medical costs, administrative costs, costs of dog care and supplies, those costs all add up. We’re in start-up mode right now. We want to be all set up before we start bringing in the dogs. That’s how an organization should be run. You want to know that every part of the organization is being run well. You want competent leadership. You want transparency in the organization. You want to know how the money is being spent. Click on the links below to see start-up costs that we are encountering right now and the possible medical services our dogs will need. In the future, I will post actual costs for rescue runs and monthly costs once we have dogs onsite. I will update them regularly as the organization grows. I am pledging to you my competency and transparency in running this organization.

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Start Up Costs
Medical Care

I want you to join this mission however you can. If you can volunteer, thank you. We need everyone’s talents and skills. I am also asking you to consider becoming a donor. Everyone who joins the mission is making the rescue and rehabilitation a reality, and we are accomplishing this as a community. We all need each other. You might think that being a donor doesn’t really mean that much, and maybe it makes you feel remote and distant, but it’s quite the opposite to us. I don’t want you to just throw money our way. I want you to feel integral to our collective mission. To this organization, donors are the guardians. You’re the one looking out for all of us. You are the ones who make the rescues happen. There are no dogs in kennels without the guardians who are looking over us all and making the love happen throughout the organization.

The Guardian Program asks for a $10 a month recurring donation. You sign up for it, and the $10 are deducted every month from your account. You receive our thanks and a receipt for your taxes. I chose $10/month because it seems doable for most people. When I changed jobs and I pared down my bills, my cable bill was still 15 times $10/month. I looked at that and thought “Pam, there is no way you are cutting your charitable donations if you are going to give $150/month to a cable company.”

My initial goal is 1500 donors at $10/month. That will get us up and running. It will pay the deposit, rent, and utilities and pay for the few renovations we have to do to get ready for the dogs. In the meantime, with your help in getting the word out, our guardians will increase in number, the next goal being 3000. We’ll then have the means to pay for the vet bills, dog care and supplies, and then fund a rescue run to bring our dogs home.

Right now, given our space, our shelter can accommodate 50-60 dogs under 15 lbs. Once we get established, we will expand to take in all sizes of dogs, but we will do it by opening homes in other cities: Denver, Castle Rock, Pueblo, Canon City, Boulder, etc. The more you check us out, the more I think you will agree that our model of rescue and rehabilitation is truly sustainable because there is no divide among the love of humans for the dogs. We are a community. We need you. All of us work together to heal those dogs whom we honored to serve. We get to make things right.

This is an exciting time. You are in at start-up. You are integral to this organization. We have a shelter for our dogs. Now let’s bring them home.

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