Not Just “Volunteering” But Joining the Mission

I’m honored to have you join us in rescuing and rehabilitating animals seized by law enforcement and other agents. Everyone gets what we mean by the word “volunteering,” but to my notion, the word does not connote enough your integral role in the mission. “Volunteering your time to the organization” feels cold and remote to me. You give some time, maybe get some good feels, and then you go home. I don’t really resonate with that model of volunteering. What I want to convey by your decision to join us to give of your precious time, skills, and talents is that this mission does not manifest without your devotion to it. We all have to be devoted on some level. We all have to believe that we count, that we are vital to the mission. We come together, and each of us pledges what we have to offer in that common devotion. Everyone is needed, and everyone is welcome. I want as many different people as possible fulfilling our mission.

Our little dogs are going to come to us in dire need on many different levels. Remember where we are getting them from. Law enforcement raids are not made until they have enough evidence of cruelty and neglect to convict the abusers. Those little ones will be hurting. They will show up with the gamut of medical problems, emotional trauma, socialization deficits—kind of like us, huh? We have to be on point with our devotion to these animals so that they can heal, find peace and respite from the abuse, feel love, kindness, and touch that soothes. Think about how you will be able to give that touch to these animals who have never felt it before. Every time you are in their presence, you can be giving them that love. I want all of you to come and love on dogs. I hope I have fifty people a day coming to the facility to love on dogs. There are other ways to have contact with the dogs if you want that. We’ll need people for adoption fairs, tour guides for visiting groups, therapeutic visits with older people, or educational programs in schools, just to name a few.

But not all of us will be furthering this mission by serving at the shelter or having contact with the dogs. Remember: all of our talents and skills are needed. Check out the list below. There is something for everyone to do, not just for people who live here in Colorado Springs but for those who live elsewhere in the state, country, or world. All of us have our unique way of showing love, and we all thrive when sharing our love is our collective mission. Think of any way you choose to serve as sharing your love. For example, I’m a research scientist, so I love collecting data. We’ll need help with data management. We’ll need people who like talking to people and showing appreciation to others in our mission, including donors, other volunteers, fosters, etc. We need people who love to work with social media on several platforms. We need help around the shelter, especially now as we prepare the space for our dogs. There are so many ways to integrate into our shared mission and see what love can do.

We’re going on our first rescue run this summer. We have a lot of work to do to get ready for our first group of little beings. We’re going to be ironing out a lot of kinks in our system. We need your help. Every bit of work you put in for this mission equates to loving on dogs.

How Would You Like to Serve?

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Kennel Tender/In-Shelter Rehabilitator
Social Media Specialists
Available Dogs Lead and Workers
Doggie Bio Writer
Photographers and Videographers
Adoption Coordinators
Adoption Support Team
In-Home Rehabilitator (Foster) Coordinators
Adoption Fair Lead or Worker
Appreciation Team/Data Collectors
Nutritional Consultant
Food Acquisition Program Manager
Education Outreach Coordinators and Workers
Behavioral Specialists
Grant Writer

Volunteer Application

Compensated Positions

Overnight Caretaker

1. Kennel Tender/In-Shelter Rehabilitator

We need Kennel Tenders, a.k.a. In-Shelter Rehabilitators, people who come to the kennel for a couple of hours during the day to help with the dogs. We need a minimum of 12-15 people a day (20 preferably) if we are going to be able to follow the strict schedule for feeding, taking them outdoors (we’re going to start housetraining them), cuddling and socializing, as well as maintaining and cleaning up where needed all around the kennel. Kennel Tenders will have the most direct contact with the dogs and will become the most familiar with their personalities as well as their rate of adjustment, so they are in a trusted position. For example, only Kennel Tenders will be allowed to enter the kennel spaces to retrieve dogs. If you are interested in this position, you must follow the link to Our Home and read about the responsibilities of all visitors and workers to the shelter; then proceed to the volunteer application.You will be contacted for an interview and tour of the facility. All Kennel Tenders will attend training sessions to prepare for their duties and familiarize themselves with the operations of the shelter.
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2. Social Media Specialists

  • Facebook
  • FB Volunteer/Foster page
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • You Tube

a. Facebook Fanpage Lead and Team

Facebook is our primary platform for outreach, education, and fundraising. It is vital that we maintain a presence on the fanpage that is true to our mission not just to rescue and rehabilitate dogs but to welcome in those who wish to join us in our mission. Keep Little Guy in mind—he was a soft and warm little being. Our followers deserve to be thought of in that manner. Maintaining that kind of presence requires intensive monitoring of the page to “like” fans’ comments or remove derogatory/hateful comments as well as answer questions and direct our fans to the website or other needed resources. If you have experience in working a Facebook page, please fill out the application. We will have a schedule of posts each day, so we will need people available at different times not only to prepare posts but to post them and then monitor the page. People who will be typing comments on the page will need to have very good grammar skills.

b. Facebook Volunteer/Foster group page Lead and Team

Because we are a community of rehabilitators, we will have a group page devoted to strictly to volunteers and fosters, everyone who has joined our mission, including vets, vet techs, groomers, record keepers, and behavioralists, nutritionists, etc. We will share information about the dogs in shelter or in home, shelter operations, upcoming rescues, events, upcoming fundraisers and fundraiser ideas, etc. This group will need monitoring as well so that we all have a fun time and all stay apprised of the goings on in organization.

c. Twitter, Instagram, You Tube Lead and Workers

[Pam has created accounts for each but is clueless. Help!]
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3. Available Dogs Lead and Workers

The Available Dogs page is where we show pictures of our available dogs for adoption with links to a pet search engine, such as PetFinder or Petango, for a name, bio, and reference number. You can anticipate many needed changes to the listings should a dog be added to the list or removed from it. When people see a dog they are interested in, they note that information and go to the Guidelines and Procedures section to check off their agreement to the terms there in order to advance to the application. The application is thorough, and it will take time to complete. One of the biggest sources of frustration for potential adopters is an Available Dogs page that is not up to date. Imagine spending all that time filling out the application in good faith only to find out the animal is no longer available. Therefore, we need people who are on call make changes quickly so that our listings remain accurate. You will also be responsible for changing photos and bios as necessary.
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4. Doggie Bio Writer

Our dogs deserve to be shown in their best light for potential adopters. If you have a gift for description and capturing personalities in words, please consider being a bio writer. You will be able to confer with Kennel Tenders or In-Home Rehabilitators, who can share their knowledge of each pup in their care. We want accurate depictions of the dogs without sounding discouraging if they have medical or behavioral issues. We also need someone who would like to caption videos and photos we use on social media and the webpage with humorous or touching words to cast our little ones at their best. The people in this position must have good writing and grammar skills.
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5. Photographers and Videographers

If you have a love for photography and videography, please lend your talents to Little Guy’s. Those portraits on the Available Dogs page make or break people’s interest in the dog, especially if they do not capture their personality or highlight their beauty. Many dogs are passed over simply because the photo is not flattering. And for posts on social media and the website, we need multitudes of candid shots and videos of the dogs either at play or at rest to further capture their tender little characters. We will need photographers and videographers at our fundraising events, at the shelter, at adoption fairs, in home, etc. Come one, come all. All photographers and videographers will sign an agreement with organization regarding co-ownership of the images, to include that the organization will allow photographers to place their watermarks on the images and use the images for mutual benefit to the organization and photographer.
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6. Adoption Coordinators

As stated above, when people see a dog they are interested in, they note the information from the Available Dogs bio and then go to the Guidelines and Procedures section to check off their agreement to the terms there in order to advance to the application. When potential adopters submit an application to the organization, time is of the essence for both the adopter and the organization. Every animal that is placed up for adoption has been rehabilitated to the point that the organizational caregivers (vets, behavioralists, Kennel Tenders, or In-Home Rehabilitators) have determined that each is prepared to thrive as a companion animal. One of the biggest frustrations of potential adopters is that rescues do not respond promptly when an adoption application is submitted. Remember, our application is thorough—for good reason—and it will take time to complete, so people who fill out the application in good faith have every right to expect prompt responses from us. The adoption coordinators are key people in the organization who monitor applications, set up phone interviews as the liaison to welcome the potential adopter to the mission, discuss the application, answer questions, schedule a meet and greet at the shelter, schedule the home visit, and prepare the contracts for trial visits and final adoptions.
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7. Adoption Support Team

We consider adopters Long-Term Rehabilitators in our community, and we want to remain in contact with the adopters after the dog has been placed with the family. The adoption support team is responsible for meeting with potential adopters at shelter meet-and-greets and home visits to evaluate the dynamics between the dog and people as well as the home for safety and security. The team will follow up with potential adopters through the trial visits and periodically after the adoption has been contracted to offer help, answer questions, and point the adopters to additional resources.
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8. In-Home Rehabilitator (Foster) Coordinators

In light of our devotion to rehabilitating our dogs, the philosophy of Little Guy’s regarding foster care is to place the neediest of all in home for intensive care. These include those with severe medical issues, behavioral issues, those at the shelter the longest as well as those needing hospice care. In-home rehabilitators may choose to work with dogs in any or all of those categories. The In-Home coordinators will recruit and train In-Home Rehabbers, perform home checks, assist in scheduling vet appointments, maintain a close relationship with fosters to ensure that they feel our appreciation, that their needs are being met, and that their questions are answered. Organizational caregivers (vets, behavioralist, etc.) will confer with In-Home Rehabbers and Coordinators to determine when dogs are ready to be made available for adoption. The input from In-Home Rehabilitators is invaluable to the adoption team in placing the dog with an adoptive family.
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9. Adoption Fair Lead or Worker

Adoption fairs offer a means for the organization to (a) introduce our available dogs to the public; (b) educate about the plight of breeding dogs, hoarding conditions, and animal abuse and neglect; and (c) share our mission and ask people to join us. All adoptions are made through our adoption procedures, so as much as some people would like to adopt on the spot, they will have to follow our protocols to ensure the most responsible placement of our dogs into permanent homes. The adoption fair lead will schedule adoption fairs, mostly in area pet stores, and coordinate the adoption fairs by arranging for transport of the dogs, x-pens, educational materials, visitor sheets, and other materials and supplies to the site, as well as recording volunteer hours. Team members will assist as needed.
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10. Appreciation Team/Data Collectors

Building a healthy organization cannot rely only on the devotion to the mission by individual volunteers. That devotion is essential, but it does not grow without the understanding and active participation of volunteers in building a community of caregivers. What builds a strong community more than anything else is recognition by the community and appreciation for one’s presence and participation in the mission. Our goal is that our people won’t just be putting in a few feel good hours and going home. We want people to be energized by the mission because they feel valued. Therefore, the primary task of the Appreciation Team is to contact volunteers regularly to express appreciation, answer questions, direct concerns to the appropriate individuals, and collect data needed by the organization needs, such as monthly volunteer hours.
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11. Nutritional Consultant

It is important to keep in mind that most animals will arrive in program malnourished to some degree, even severely. The Nutritional Consultant will work in concert with the veterinarians to provide the highest quality nutritional food to all animals in program, including those with medical conditions and feeding issues, such as a lack of teeth. The nutritional consultant will schedule and oversee preparation of the daily feeding protocols for each animal in program.
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12. Food Acquisition Program Manager

Many businesses are willing to give steep discounts or even donations of food to rescues. Because we believe that proper nutrition is the first line of medical health, we need to find the best sources of our preferred food for our dogs. The Food Acquisition Program Manager will research, negotiate, and acquire the foods fed to the dogs.
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13. Education Outreach Coordinators and Workers

Education outreach can assume endless forms: (a) coordinating visits by groups who wish to serve the mission, leading tours, and facilitating projects in shelter; (b) facilitating educational visits in schools; (c) coordinating with facilities for the aged to engage in mutual therapy for residents and dogs alike, etc. The possibilities are vast. The more creativity that people have who are drawn to this outreach, the better.
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14. Behavioral Specialists

The dogs who come into our program have not had the benefits of positive human contact, much less healthy socialization even with other dogs. Therefore, we can always anticipate that every dog will have some kind of issue that a behavioral therapist could mitigate positively, which could greatly enhance the dog’s transformation into a happy companion animal and heighten the rates of successful adoptions. The position of Behavioral Specialists is a critical position within the organization; therefore, interested volunteers must have documented credentials in canine behavioral therapy and have strong references for their work with dogs.
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15. Grant Writer

Generally, organizations seek grants after operations have been in effect long enough to collect sufficient data. The Executive Director of Little Guy’s is a researcher skilled in data collection, a skill that is often lacking in competing organizations for grants. Grant writers will research appropriate grants and confer with the Executive Director on strategies of data collection and analyses as well as organizational presentation in order to place Little Guy’s in the most favorable position to receive grants. The Grant Writer must have impeccable writing and grammatical skills.
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Help Wanted

Overnight Caretaker

We cannot leave the shelter unattended at any time, which includes over night, so we are offering a position that is compensated by a free apartment in the shelter. Hours of service are from 6pm to 7am. Duties to the program include assistance in morning housetraining and feeding as well as evening feeding and housetraining. The caretaker will also monitor the shelter inside and out for security and safety while on duty. Vet techs or student vet techs will receive preferential consideration. Please email your resume and cover letter detailing (a) your qualifications and your understanding of the mission of Little Guy’s Puppy Mill Rescue and Rehabilitation, (b) two references, and (c) your full contact information to Please note that this position will be subject to a background check at applicant’s expense (~$30). This position prohibits consumption of alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs on shelter grounds during duty hours.
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